Success Stories

Ann's clinical practice has provided hope and solutions for many individuals, couples, and families over the past thirty years. It is her hope that the following success stories shared freely by clients will encourage you if you, or anyone you know, are currently experiencing difficult times. Each story highlights the one or two main lessons or skills that each client has learned and applied in their lives to improve their situation, overcome struggles, and strengthen their relationships. The clients' names have been changed to protect their confidentiality.

Success Stories About Couples and Individuals
Pat and Dan:
We each have been married before and came with 'baggage' into our second marriage. Ann's ability to draw out hidden feelings that caused much of our aggravation was remarkable. The couple's work was a real emotional voyage that brought us much closer together. New ways of communicating our differences, suggested readings, and the couple's exercises really opened our eyes to a new and better way of dealing with difficulties. It's been over a year now since we have seen Ann, but her techniques are still a valuable part of our marriage.
June and Ben:
When I discovered my husband was having an affair, I thought I would never recover from the pain of the betrayal. He immediately ended the affair and I agreed to go to counseling. If it hadn't been for Ann's guidance, I feel certain our marriage would have ended. We discovered that we never really knew how to communicate and we kept parts of ourselves hidden from each other. The Couple's Dialogue allowed us to really understand each other in a nonjudgmental and safe way, opening up to each other, sharing our feelings and thoughts. Neither of us would say that we are completely over the pain and anger, but Ann has given us the tools we need to continue the healing process. We now feel hopeful that we can deal with the future.
Jane and Ken:
We have not been getting along for quite a while-each of us felt we were not being heard and were being taken advantage of by the other. We became so reactive to each other that we decided to separate. During this time, we came to see Ann for help. With Ann, we are continually learning the many tools needed for improved communication skills and how to incorporate them to resolve issues in a positive way. We are learning to really listen and understand each other as separate individuals, which in turn is helping us grow as an honest and giving couple. We are now living together and feel more hopeful about our relationship.
Julia and Mike:
My husband and I came into counseling following an affair. Ann explained that not only did I feel betrayed but I was also 'traumatized' and it would take some time to deal with this. My husband would need to be patient if he was committed to our relationship. Ann guided us through the 'Couple's Dialogue,' whereby my husband understood his reason for having the affair. His amends were sincere and we learned about the underlying issues in our relationship. Now we are building a stronger relationship one step at a time.
Monique and Dwayne:
When we first met with Ann, we were on the verge of divorce after 5 years of marriage. Initially, we sought counseling to minimize the stress of divorce proceedings. After a few sessions, we discovered that divorce was not the answer; it was a lack of communication and not making our marriage a priority. Ann has given us the tools to help make our relationship a stronger, healthier, and more loving one.
Hi, my name is Cody, short for Codependent. I went to see Ann for help shortly after my second marriage was falling apart. My purpose for seeking help was not to help myself or improve my situation; but instead to change my husband and show him how he was taking advantage of me. However, with the help of Ann in individual and couple's work, I learned the origin from my childhood of my need to control and change my husband and others. I've learned to 'fine tune' the skills needed to take care of myself and to develop self restraint so I don't set myself up to becoming a victim in my marriage by my codependent behavior.

I came in with issues trying to 'fix' my family and the men I was dating leading to failed relationships. Ann, you have helped me to open up my world to endless possibilities and thinking. You have helped me to overcome problems and see people as human beings, not for what I THINK they should be. You have helped me understand and deal with my guilt feelings of needing to fix everything (I'm still working on that). You have helped me regain my life.
I saw Ann after I suffered the loss of a sibling to suicide. After spending a year with Ann, I learned that recovery is not easy and isn't quick. With Ann's help and strategies, I was able to delve deeply into my history and come face to face with the demons that plagued me. Ann enabled me to see myself as a strong, intelligent, and loving person; and that I would heal from the abuse inflicted upon me as a child. I learned not to be around family and friends that were unhealthy for me and to let go of what I could not change. I learned to accept my past and incorporate it into the present in a positive way.
Success Stories About Groups
Ann has facilitated 14 session structured Relationship Groups for Individuals. The following are some of the comments of the Group members about their experience:
  • "I liked the bonding and the immediate ability to communicate because safety was established right away by Ann. I learned to be more forgiving of myself and to stop always pleasing others."

  • "The Group became a 'safe structure' that allowed me to learn so much about myself. Through the different exercises, I was able to change the negative beliefs I had about myself and learn new skills to be in a healthy relationship."

  • "It was a great self-discovery adventure. I now understand why I have made certain unhealthy choices in relationships and have forgiven myself for my mistakes."

  • "I learned that I am not unique in experiencing pain and fear and having problems with intimacy. I also learned I am not obligated to continue the destructive patterns I learned from my caretakers."

  • "The Group provided a consistent, secure environment that enabled me to look into myself and embrace parts of my essence that I never gave myself permission to do before. I have learned to be more tolerant of others and less critical of myself."

  • "The most significant thing I learned was how important it is to really listen to another person and for me to be listened to and validated for my point of view."

  • "I learned a lot about myself and why I behave the way I do. I also understand on a 'conscious' level the reasons I chose significant others who were not good for me."

  • "I learned tools to achieve better communication in my relationship, as well as, how I brought my childhood strengths and difficulties into my intimate relationship."